Natural Miracle Reversible Straightening Texture Manageability System

I recently requested to be a product tester through and luckily I was selected. The product I was chosen to review is the Reversible Straightening Texture Manageability System. From what I can see of the packaging the system allows for straight and “managable” hair for 4-6 weeks if properly maintained. I am honestly a tad bit skeptical as to the actual results, but that is why I am going to test it out and give my honest opinion of the product. I will write a review here and on as well as post pictures of the hair transformation. Thanks again for reading everyone. Wish me luck!

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If This Isn’t A Wake-Up Call I Don’t Know What Is


When someone logs into their Facebook profile and begins to scroll down their timeline they anticipate seeing a funny cat video or pictures of their friends or family. When I logged into mine I definitely didn’t anticipate seeing this. As I scrolled down the comments attached to this picture to my surprise no one was outraged, no one was offended, no one was even appalled in the slightest. Instead I saw people referring to this doll as ‘cute’, ‘bad’, and words of the like. I, being the person that I am, was completely outraged and infuriated. When I go in a store and walk down the toy aisle I am met with dolls of all shapes and sizes and I among them all I notice a trend. The white dolls come complete with second outfits as well as a brush or comb. However, when I see the black dolls, given the chance that I find any, they are hidden behind the white ones and inside the barely ornate packaging I see a doll that has neither a second outfit or brush. The black dolls look plain whereas the white one’s faces are adorned with “make-up” and they are wearing earrings. While it is true that Barbie dolls hold America’s young women to an impossible standard of beauty they still aspire to be like that doll and they proudly display their dolls wherever they go. When I look at this doll I am met with confusion and offense. I am confused because there are plenty of positive African American female role models for them to pattern this doll after. Instead the company that produced this monstrosity chose an early Lil Kim as their muse. While she is probably one of the last people that a young woman should desire to emulate they still put this out into the universe. Is it not bad enough that our young men and women dress as if they have little to no self-esteem? The young women wear barely-there tops and pants so tight you can see the veins in their legs or their skirts so short if they sneeze it comes up to their ears. The young men sag their pants so low they struggle to keep them up. The ones who wear belts and still sag baffles me. I am at a complete loss because I remember an era where modesty was beautiful. Or a man who dressed with dignity and class was attractive in a potential mate. 
This is unacceptable. Being the mother of a 7 month old little girl I am faced with this: a generation of children, yes CHILDREN, that seems to grow worse and worse as the years progress. I refuse for my child to dress, behave, or present herself in a manner that is less than what she is, a young lady. These girls who walk outside looking as if they rolled out of bed or these young men who look as if they missed a shower, or two or three or seven, disgust me. The worst part of it all is that these are young men and women who are in the same age bracket as myself. I was raised to respect myself and those around me and this doll completely negates all of my teachings with its very existence. Whether this was a joke or whether this doll actually exists is beyond the point. The fact of the matter is simply this: when are my people going to wake up and realize that we are still the butt of every single race joke in this country. We are viewed as haters of self by every other race that resides within this country, and the really mind-bogglingly gutwrenchingly true portion of that is…..they aren’t wrong.

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Natural Wake Up Call

Natural Wake Up Call

What’s wrong with this photo? Don’t worry I’ll give you a second to figure it out. Still can’t? Well I’ll tell you what’s wrong with this picture: absolutely nothing. NBC news correspondent Tamron Hall showcased her new twa to the public and while it was well-received by some, there were, as per usual, the naysayers who felt as if she looked so much better before. What’s wrong with her hair? It’s the texture that she was born with and it is and was her decision and hers alone to show off her natural beauty to the world. Why is it that people feel as if natural hair isn’t beautiful? I mean what’s so wrong with what our Creator bestowed upon us? Absolutely nothing. As young black women we are taught that our true hair texture is ugly and that the only way we will be accepted into society is if we permanently straighten our hair. That is false. Every other race or nationality is able to show their natural hair texture so why can’t we? No one has been able to give me a substantial reason as to why I have to hide behind a bucket of chemicals or a flat iron. So until someone answers that for me I will continue to be proud of my kinky, coily, curly hair. I rock my kinks and I STILL get winks!!

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Finally Perfected My Twistout


Okay so I finally found a method of twisting my hair that results in a fully defined twist out look. I washed with Suave Shea & Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. I love how my hair felt after using those products. I caught them on sale at Walmart. It was $5.00 for both the shampoo and conditioner. After I washed I patted the excess water out of my hair and i sealed with coconut oil. From what I have seen I get a much better sealant out of it than EVOO. Now I’m not knocking EVOO at all. It is a great sealant, but coconut oil just works better for me. After I sealed my hair I used Cantu Define & Shine Custard and twisted my hair. I allowed my hair to dry overnight. I then untwisted, separated and lightly misted my hair with a distilled water/oil mixture. I’m very proud of my results and I will definitely be using this method in the future.

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Relaxed Vs. Natural, The Hair Saga Continues

Okay so it has been long established that I am a natural haired woman, but the same cannot be said for an old friend of mine. She is currently attempting to embark on a natural journey, although it seems that each day carries a new complaint for her as far as the manageability or styling ability of her hair. She is constantly stating that natural hair is not her thing and yet when I tell her that no one is forcing her to remain natural she replies with “it’s not long enough yet” Which baffles me because I was always taught that if you don’t like something about yourself then only you have the capacity to change it. She has permed her own hair numerous times so she is more than capable of doing it herself, she has a job so it isn’t as if she can’t afford to go and purchase a jar of relaxer from the store. With this is mind one cannot help but wonder ‘what’s stopping you from doing it? You don’t like your natural hair and you constantly say ‘society isn’t welcoming of African American women with natural hair’ so why haven’t you relaxed it? Personally I feel like she’s coming up with excuse after excuse and she hasn’t the slightest clue on what she truly wishes to do with her own hair, so she just picks a fuss with me because I adore my natural hair. No my hair is not even remotely near where I want it to be, but I love it all the same. No job as turned me down for a position because of my natural hair. Quite recently I worked in an office. I interviewed with my natural hair, I trained with my natural hair, and I worked with my natural hair. To be truthfully speaking I was one of about three women in training who were proudly displaying their natural hair, and all of us began working on the same day. That has proved to me that it is possible to work in the corporate realm with natural hair so I haven’t the slightest clue of this madness that she is constantly spewing. Honestly I feel as though she does nothing but complain about her true self. I preach self love and appreciation to her and all she can say is “I can’t do it.” I’m just at a point where I really don’t care. It’s her life and she will do with it what she chooses, but I no longer wish to hear her ranting and raving about things that she is able to change and refuses to do so. All I can do is give her advice and if she chooses not to listen it is her choice. Again I am pro natural and I applaud all of my natural sisters, but if someone with natural hair promotes self hate and says that ‘natural hair is bad hair’ then I have no place for that sort of negativity in my life.

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Insulted? Yes. Creeped Out? Hell yes!!

So I’m on my way to my grandmother’s house to pick up my daughter and on my way there this older gentleman decided to ask me to buy a cigarette from him. Upon hearing that I didn’t wish to procure any of his wares he proceeded to question me about my hair. He said “is that your hair?” And after I said yes he said “no that’s a wig. Black women don’t have hair like that. After this utterly ignorant comment I turned around and put my earphones back on. To which he replied “are you and your child’s father still together?” (I was on my way to my grandmother’s house to pick her up. I was on the bus and I had her stroller with me.) I said yes. That didn’t stop him. He kept pestering me about him until one of his cronies got on the bus. After he got on the bus he bothered me again and told me to show the man that my hair was indeed my hair. This went on for about ten minutes until he exited the bus. I honestly don’t think I had ever breathed a sigh of relief that loud before in my life.

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The Black College Male’s Opinion On Women Who Wear Their Natural Hair

This is one of the most profound things I have read in a very long time.

According to Moriah


Okay, so recently I’ve been seeing a lot of Vlogs on YouTube and articles on the internet about what men of all races think about natural hair. Some men embraced the beauty displayed by their wives, fiances, girl friends, sisters, mothers, and aunts (ants)…. but some men were completely against it – and I noticed that most of the men against women and their natural hair, were young and Black.

Why is it that Black men can’t love what grows on top of their women’s heads, matter of fact their heads! Some say it’s because Black hair hasn’t been worn in public for over 40 years, and some say the media doesn’t show it like they do other textures, and some people just don’t know in general.

Regardless of these statements, I conducted an interview with my personal friend named Lance. Just for a background on Lance, Lance is…

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Slaves of the Mind


As I look around at my people, I am appalled by all that I see. We envy each other, sabotage each other, steal from each other, lie to each other, and sadly we kill each other. The worst part of it by far is how the chocolate skinned ones are envious of the fair complected ones. So much so that it seems ‘light-skinned’ is no longer considered to be black. Now my companion is black, my child is black, but they are both fair complected. Whenever I take her to the store or I’m on the bus everyone asks the inevitable “is she mixed?’ Or ‘is she white?’ And I’m just left to wonder why is it that my child has to be mixed to be of a lighter skin tone? While it is true that the lighter skinned people are descendants of the slave children who were fathered by the masters or overseers, the old adage does go ‘if there’s one drop of black blood in you, you’re black.’ I grow weary of listening to us refer to each other as ‘niggas’ or terms of the like. We were once a proud people and it seems as if that we have allowed ourselves to fall by the wayside in terms of self-respect and self love. I just wish that this will pass and we will reclaim our proud heritage as the Nubian kings and queens that we are.


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Accidental Deep Conditioner

It seems as if proper hair care among natural hair is hit or miss, mostly miss. Now as I’m sure most of you are aware which products provide maximum efficacy is a case of trial and error. I don’t mind because for me it means I get to test out new products almost every chance I get or I experiment with homemade concoctions. Now I recently, accidentally mind you, made a deep conditioner instead of my trusty Shea butter whipped pomade. I’m actually quite pleased with the results I’m getting so far, but this is just my first time with this mixture. If necessary I will post the recipe on my next post. Now I will post a pic of my hair after I finish with wash day so you all can see how well it works. Til next time lovelies!!

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Generation Lost

I was on the bus a while back and as I was riding I noticed a coupe of girls getting on the bus in scantily clad attire. Showing everything all the while leaving nothing to the imagination. Now while the young ladies are on the bus they are screaming, using incorrect grammar I might add, “Man say where you at? Is you okay? Bitch whet?” As I’m listening to this I’m wondering, “How old are these girls? Did their parents teach them anything? Were they not paying attention in English?” Upon inquiry I realized that these girls ere roughly the same age as myself. When I heard this my jaw dropped. I was utterly flabbergasted at hearing this. We are roughly the same age and yet I am able to speak with a modicum of sense. I attended the same public schools and had the same teachers as many of these young men and women who roam the streets with their pants sagging or the girls showing their talents and yet I’m a white girl because I speak proper English or because I have enough respect for myself to wear decent clothes. I listen to this new class of ‘music’ and I am left to wonder what has happened over the course of the last twenty years? Has our society become so dominated by popular culture that we, African Americans, no longer have the capacity to become something more than the “thots” or (insert expletive here). Now sit back and think about this. Back in the eighties or the nineties when there was no such thing as the Internet or texting or cyberbullying or things of that nature, young black men and women were actually something to be revered and respected. Here it is, the year 2014, and there are no more respectable young men and women.No more young people with aspirations. Everyone is too busy ‘twerking’ or ‘turning up.’ Ladies and gentlemen I now present to you, Generation Lost.

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